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  • Best way to secure off-road and dual sport motorcycles for transportation
  • Clamping system grips the top of the front tire, pulling forward and locking it into the wedgedshapedframe; it even works with flat tires
  • Keeps motorcycle secure without the need for tie-downs
  • Increases the life of fork seals and springs by relieving pressure normally caused by tie-downs
  • Loading and unloading is done safely and securely in seconds, locks down and releases easily by hand
  • Mounts to any transportation vehicle or trailer floor, hardware is included
  • Available in two different sizes to fit either mini-cycles or full size bikes
  • Smaller version fits 14" to 17" wheels, base dimension is 111/4" W x 8" L
  • Large version fits 19" to 23" wheels, base dimension is 13" W x 91/2" L